INODRY is a service providing company specialized in the stabilization of active ingredients in powder forms. We suggest our clients both development and production services. We assure a successful industrial process scale-up thanks to our different sized pilot and industrial production equipment. We use an innovative dehydration, granulation and coating process in order to preserve the sensorial characteristics as well as the stability of thermo-sensitive products. These process also facilitates the manipulation and the storage of the active ingredients in the powder form. We are flexible in terms of production volumes and we can adapt to your purchase orders with different volumes. Here below the definitions of INODRY’s technologies.
  • Dehydration : a gentle drying process for the treatment of thermo-sensitive products.
  • Granulation : a process of agglomeration and granulation of fine powder particles with each other. This operation optimizes the functions of a product by bringing it new functionalities.
  • Coating and microencapsulation : enables the protection of an active ingredient against environmental conditions such as oxygen, light, high temperature. The coating can help to mask a taste, an odor but also can contribute to the management of the bio-availability of the active ingredient in different conditions
INODRY is a specialist in the dehydration of active ingredients
within the following sectors of activity :
  • Food
  • Food supplementspresentation inodry
  • Pharmaceutics / Cosmetics
  • Animal nutrition
INODRY implements the following technologies :
  • Microencapsulation
  • Dehydrationpresentation inodry2
  • Powder granulation
  • Powder coating
Here below, examples of processed products
in our equipment :

amino acids,
fatty acids,
plant extracts,
essential oils,
We accompany your project from the development and sampling stage to the industrial production.