inodry technologiesA managed and controlled dehydration technology enabling
the preservation of the product activity and its aromatic
profile, a technology which is an alternative to freeze
drying offering specific benefits such as :
  • Lower production costs
  • Flexible production volumes
Microencapsulation, granulation
and coating technologies :
  • Microencapsulation is for thermo-sensitive and photo-sensitive products such as fatty materials,
    oleoresins and essential oils. We have a wide range of emulsifiers and we use the most suitable
    ones, depending on the nature of your fatty product. We have various sizes of equipment
    for the realization of your emulsions and microencapsulation :
    - high-pressure homogenizer
    - high shear homogenizer (Silverson)
  • Fluidized air beds for coating and granulation services: series of GLATT equipment (pilot, semi-industrial and industrial
    sizes) with Hot Melt Coating option
technologies inodry