INODRY develops solutions for you to :
> Act on the properties of the product :inodry products applications
  • Protecting an active ingredient
  • Reducing hygroscopicity (preventing caking, reducing stickiness)
  • Providing thermal protection
  • Protecting against oxidization
  • Masking a taste, an odor, a coloring, an aroma...
  • Controlling the release of an active ingredient (during digestion for example): pH, temperature, mechanical effect...
  • Increasing the mechanical or heat resistance
  • Stabilizing a product (shelf life)
> Act on the physical form of the powder :application solution inodry
  • Improving its flow characteristics (fatty powders for example)
  • Improving dispersion in water
  • Obtaining an instantaneous form: improved wettability
  • Keeping dust to a minimum (dust-free environment)
  • Obtaining uniform particle size
  • Modifying density
  • Improving compressibility
  • Improving visual appearance
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