We suggest our clients not only the production services but also development and consulting services to go further on the collaboration. The development service comprises the formulation finalization, pilot production trials and sample testing. The development step is crucial for a successful industrial transposition because it is at this step that we define the key process parameters. We can realize the development work and the industrial production successively for each new product development project.
At the end of the development stage in our R&D laboratory, we accompany your project through the semi-industrial production and industrial production :
Semi-industrial production with intermediate sized equipment enabling the :
  • Development finalization of your products from 5 to 50 kg
  • Support of your new product development from 25 to 150 kg

This step also helps to better apprehend potential constraints (process time, equipment washing…)

Industrial production with a variety of equipment with different sizes allowing the :
  • Liquid preparation of ingredients (mixing, homogenizing…) before the dehydration process
  • Realization of pilot coated or granulated powder samples from 200 kg to 1 ton per day
  • Production from hundreds to several tons of processed powder per day
  • Supply and packaging services (bag, cardboard, Big-Bag)
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