Our priority is to communicate transparently with our clients. We tend to favor working in a real partnership to suggest the most adapted solutions and achieve project’s goals together with our clients.
Under the guise of a confidentiality agreement, a team of engineers
and technicians is at your disposal in order to bring you technical
solutions in formulation and galenic powders :
Formulation step :
Our dehydration, granulation and coating pilot equipment are at your disposal in order to :
  • Optimize and adjust your formulas
  • Bring you solutions in formulation according to your specifications
This step helps to evaluate your constraints and bring you the best solutions in terms of formulation and galenic powders (granule size, density, flow characteristics...). Starting from this step, we detect and treat the key elements for industrial transposition.

After each laboratory trial, we send you sample products so that you can evaluate.
inodry formulation